Scot free: Album

From soles to earholes.. Get Off… SCOT FREE

SCOT FREE are releasing their debut album Gettin’ Off. 

3.5 years in the making, this album was created with a spirit of past Rock Legends….  The aim was to write and produce something that was reflective of a lifetime of influences.  To write an album to be enjoyed as an album, songs built on riffs with meaty melodies, recorded using vintage guitars, drums and microphones in the recording process to try and capture a warmth and depth of the records of the late 60s and 70s.  Detailed production including string arrangements.  Pressed on Vinyl.  With full album artwork, lyrics and photo inserts. 

Recorded in multiple studios around Sydney:  Sounds & Motion, 301 and Vienna People Studios, mixed by Paul Pilsonics at the Farm in Byron.

1968 Ludwig - With 28inch Kick! All started with this... 


After nearly a year of writing a complete album of demos it was time to make a record... for real.  Starting with a solid drum bed totally owned by Muel.  He had 4 days laying down the bed under the expertise of Des O'Neil at Sounds & Motion Studios, North Sydney.      


Next to come, guitars and bass.. Recorded in 'Scot Free' Studios in Annandale.  Andy's 'guitarchestra' a feature of all songs on the album.  Featuring Baritone Guitar, Gibson 335, Gretsch Electric,  Acoustic and a 70s 12 String Electric (pictured).  Both Andy and Amy play bass on the album, each song selected via 'bass-off' - Each person, one take then a decision on who's bassline gets to take centre stage...  Good times.    



The addition of Strings!  Andy and Amy, both fans of arrangements from the 60s and 70s decided it only appropriate to include some on the album.  3 tracks have strings and were all recorded live at 301 studios in Sydney.  Sux to Wait, Thought and Fortune Favours.  Thanks to Rachel Easton and Tim Hempton for their expertise in proofing the scores and to the fabulous players: Violins Rachel Easton, Tom Dundas, Viola: Virginia Comerford, Cello: Nikkie Dobosi



Keys and Vocals were recorded at Vienna People Studios in Annandale.  Keys are played by the very talented Michael McGlynn.  Hammond & Wurly 200a 

 When it was time to do vocals,  little Henry Scott decided it was his time to be born so Amy took on the task alone with talented Scotty Donnelly at the desk... Visits from new dad Andy were met with much excitement as were the new cuddles with the little fella.   


The Mix - Legendary Paul Pilsneniks took on the mammoth task.   After endless amounts of communication via email, phone conversations, version after version sent by electronic transfer it became clear a trip up north was needed!  Time to fly to The Farm at Byron to do final tweaks in person with Paul.. Such an awesome day..   


The Artwork! Vinyl = mad cover.. Graphic Designer Nathalie Cano came on board to help develop an idea for the artwork.  An idea formulated a photo shoot was organised.  Little Legend Lara Zell was kind enough to pose as model and graciously offered her tatts up for us to photograph.. It was freezing!! Climbing in and out of a window.  Emily Foschi was room stylist and did a fantastic job of transforming Andy's man cave into a Scot Free den.  All things have meaning to the album journey.  Photography by John Dunn, lighting, general knowledge and help with everything Dan Stevenson.  The illustrations of Adrienne Lim add the finishing touches to the photos, making it all come to life.  Additional Studio photos (insert) by Julie Healy. 

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