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From soles to earholes.. Get Off… SCOT FREE

SCOT FREE bring you 'Hits From The Cave.'  Keeping it real, live and stripped back from SCOT FREE's secret Cave.  All original SCOT FREE tunes.  Stay tuned for the next instalment.  

After a long time away the Kids of Scot Free find themselves back in the Cave, in an enchanted forest of beer bottles. The intrepid Mr Muel joining them for the first time, playing a song so awesome it makes dogs go crazy and drummers a little sleepy. Get Amongst it!

This week the Scot Free kids find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings playing strange new music, take a gander at what the cat dragged in this week, if you dare!

Episode 4 of Hits from the Cave, This time the intrepid Scot Free kids play a chilled out tune "Don't Mind Me" to soothe the savage beast, So sit back and enjoy the ride!

Once again avid listeners the Kids from Scot Free are knocking up some sweet tunes for your earholes from their mysterious cave lair inside a volcano filled with delicious beer. Hits from the Cave Ep3

Episode 2 of "Hits From The Cave" this time the kids from Scot-Free get hot and sweaty in the cave playing some dirty rock n roll. Promoting the upcoming Queens of Noize festival on the 6th of March at the Factory Theatre.

Episode one of Hits from the Cave, Andy and Amy perform songs live from their upcoming album in the cave.