Scot free: Album

From soles to earholes.. Get Off… SCOT FREE

We are kids from the 90s

We were brought up on classics like Hendrix, Led Zep, Fleetwood Mac, Kiss.

Our first recording experiences involved two cassette players

There was no TAB, in fact there was no internet when we were learning how to play the great guitar solos… 

We were there…

We learnt how to sing lyrics and now really enjoy writing them… No OOOOH chorus’s here…

We are old school

We like to rock

We like to smash out a nice ballad at times too.



Scot Free:

Amy Freeman - Vocals, Bass 

Andy Scott - Guitar, Vocals 

Sam Howell (aka Mr Muel) - Drums


It all started at an Inner City School…


But this isn’t your average story…   


It’s a tale of a different world, a secret world, not often mentioned, shrouded in mystery, always there yet seemingly invisible at the same…


It’s a story about those double life living secret beings...


By day, a picture of responsibility, dedication, selflessness, unlimited knowledge, morality, exuding perfection, brilliance even…


This is a story of ‘another’ side… Also conducted in the daytime, in fact, carried out simultaneously alongside this perfectly maintained exterior. 


It’s a story of secret messages thumbed quickly under desks, in-between innocent questions, hidden jam sessions in dark music cells under the disguise of ‘work’, lyrics penned on lesson plans, riffs created on school guitars, recorded on phones and shared alongside reports and parent teacher interviews…


This is the secret tale of Scot Free.


Andy Scott and Amy Freeman…  Two musicians who ‘schooled’ the kids in Rock, only to find it somehow ends up schooling them back into a world outside of the classroom.


Andy… Guitar.

Well versed in all the tricks and nuances of all the old school guitar greats.  Whether it’s ripping out a 90s Cock Rock solo or smashing out any riff on request, Andy has always added great value to a party.  Influenced by classic old school legends like Jimi Page, Hendrix, and BB King he was able to bring sweet yet solid Riffs to the table.  This is where the songs began.


Amy… Vocals, Bass

A machine when it comes to creating melodies.  A past laden with Rock experience, be it on drums, bass or guitar.  Amy lapped up the opportunity to create something out of Andy’s Riffs.  Working tirelessly to pen lyrics reflective of their circumstances yet determined to have room for the songs to mean more than what may first appear… Turning ideas into songs.


And so Scot Free was born.


One idea turned into a song… One song turned into a few… A few turned into more, and then enough to warrant creating an album. 


And so that’s what they set out to do.


Enlisting the skills of Mr Muel… Drums.  Super skilled and as solid as the name ‘Mule’ may imply (though that’s not why they call him Muel) Damned fine drummer and all round legend, he was able to take the songs and turn them into complete works.  Muel transformed Andy and Amy’s dream songs into more than could ever have been imagined.  He totally owned it.  It became very clear that Scot-Free had become three…


And so together, an album was born


The debut Album:


Scot Free… Getting off



Studio Photographer: Julie Healy